The Influence of Treeman Knives

Malosh Handmade Knives, formerly known as Chaser Handmade Knives, was started in 2006 after almost ten years of collecting factory knives followed by custom handmade knives, primarily Treeman knives. As you can tell, my knives carry a heavy influence of Jim Behring’s knives. Jim and James are two of the best people I’ve met and I owe a lot to these two for answering my many questions and the guidance they have provided. I am forever thankful.

A Debt to My Father

When I was young, my dad started me out sweeping his shop and sorting bolts. As I got big enough to reach the switches and levers by standing on a milk crate, I began running mills and lathes, with a lot of welding in the mix. I owe a lot to my Dad as he has always seemed to make sure I had what I needed to make my knives. He is also my toughest critic. If he examines a knife and doesn’t say a word, I know something is wrong with it. Believe me, when I ask “what,” he will tell me.

Other Contributing Factors

My career started as a machinist. I am currently employed at Brown Machine in Beaverton, Michigan. Until a few years ago I was still making chips on CNC machines that made various tooling for the thermoforming industry. I have since moved “up front” to the offices.

I have always had a love for knives ever since I was given a Barlow for Christmas. I always have a knife in my pocket or on my side. When I decided to start making knives, it just seemed natural to forge. That ‘s how Jim made knives, so that was how I was going to do it.

All my knives are hand forged from O-1 tool steel from a single material source. This ensures I always get the most consistent steel possible. O-1 is an old steel, but in researching and talking to the guys that have been forging for a long time, you would have to dig pretty deep to find a better knife steel. It will hold an edge, cut forever and never let you down. It is carbon steel so it will rust, but with a little care, it will last you a lifetime.

All my handle materials are hand cut and assembled with function and flow in mind. When the handles are completed they seem to melt into your hand like they belong there, the way a knife handle should.

Our old company name “Chaser Handmade Knives” comes from my son Chase. Someday I would like to pass down to him what I know and hopefully, if he chooses, he can carry on the knife-making tradition to another generation and take the craft wherever he goes.

If you’re ever at a knife show where I am, please feel free to stop by. We can talk about anything as long as it includes something about hunting, fishing, knives or rifles. Just look for the Detroit Tigers hat and you should find Chase or me. Thanks for taking the time to look thru our site!